Why we started

With the economic uncertainty in the UK, selling gold and silver has seen increased popularity, as people look to convert their old jewellery into ready cash. There are a slew of high street shops which offer to do this, but the prices vary widely. Similarly, there are a number of online services, but they all offer different prices for different weights of gold and silver.

To make life easier, and to make sure people get the best possible price for their old gold and silver, we’ve put together goldcompare.co.uk which take the publicly available prices from a number of gold buyers and gives you the best price for whatever you have to sell.

How it works

You just put in the details for whatever you’d like to sell, and we’ll show you the prices from all the different providers we cover. Of course, it might not only be about price, so we also look at how well they are reviewed and how they can pay you. It really is as simple as that!


We don’t recommend any particular gold buyer – that’s what makes us different from others. Just put in your details and see which one is best for you.

Exchanging your Gold and Silver for cash

You will deal directly with the buyer you choose; you don’t have to send it to us first. We just give you your choices.


We’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback for us. Please contact us and tell us your thoughts!