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People Forced to Sell Their Gold Jewellery For Cash

    Economic uncertainty in the UK is causing many people to not only spend differently, but save differently as well. Couples who used to go out to eat almost every night have limited dining out to one night a week  and are choosing to stay in as their date night theme. Likewise, couples who used to save from their salary have begun dipping into those savings or adding to them by selling their gold jewellery. In fact, disposable income in the UK has dropped so drastically that a new report on the economy from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows the amount of disposable income being placed into savings at a record low.

    While the UK economy has grown by 0.2%, disposable income has fallen by 3.3% since the last quarter. For the first time since the 1970s, disposable income has fallen for three quarters in a row. This imbalance has prompted many people to sell their gold jewelry for cash. Gold is still an asset that holds enough value to make even small amounts worthwhile. This has caused an increase in the “gold for cash” industry. New services are opening up every day offering the promise of easy money.

Is it worth it?

    Is selling your old jewellery worth it and does the cash for gold industry really pay off in this economy? Many people say yes. They are making enough money selling their old jewellery to pay off debt or increase the amount they save. They are selling jewellery that they haven’t used in years, gold jewellery they just don’t like or gold jewellery that has become broken or that has lost its luster and appeal.

    Has the declining disposable income in the UK caused you to consider selling your old gold jewellery for cash? If so, get the most for your gold by visiting Gold Compare. Gold Compare lets you compare the price of gold from all online buyers. It can help you find a buyer that will pay you the most for your old jewelry. Sell your gold for cash today and use the money to pay off credit card bills, add to savings or increase your holiday fund.  

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